JBA’s Mission

The Japan Business Association of Southern California (JBA) is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to develop and improve the business environment for Japanese companies in Southern California. The JBA primarily engages in the following three activities in support of its mission: Strengthening Ties with the Local Community, Membership Services, and Educational Support Activities.

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Strengthening Ties with
the Local Community

  • Maintaining regular communications with local governmental agencies and other political and economic organizations
  • Periodic publication of the contributions made to the local community through the activities of Japanese companies
  • Engaging in activities that contribute to the local community


  • Engaging in activities that promote friendship and networking among members
  • Disseminating information and providing educational programs for members

Educational Support Activities

  • Managing Asahi Gakuen
  • Supporting and improving the educational environment for members
  • Supporting and communicating with local educational institutions
  • Supporting cultural exchanges between the United States and Japan