The 24th JBA Foundation Charity Golf Tournament was held at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club on July 15th as part of JBA’s education and cultural support activities. All profits raised will be given to programs for Southern California education support and cultural exchange organizations, which have been a bridge for the Japanese and American communities. This year’s attendance was at 133 people.

The cool wind blows on the day of the golf tournament.

Blessed with clear skies since the morning, July 15th was a day of golfing without complaints. Unlike previous years, this year’s tournament was held an hour later than usual. Thanks to the prompt action of the staff and volunteer, all the preparation was completed without problem by 11 o’clock in the morning.

Announcements were made on the grounds before 12:30 as the participants gathered.

Tournament Chairman Satoru Rokuta explained the rules and regulations, and the players went off on their carts to play. At 1:00PM, the shotgun to start the play went off.

This tournament was set up as 4 people in each group. Like previous years, there were awards such as “Longest drive,” “Straight drive,” “Hole In one,” and many others.

A leisurely dinner with Awards Ceremony

Each group advanced within the tournament and by 6pm all games had ended. Everyone moved into the banquet room.

First on stage was Hitoshi Ishikawa, JBA President.

The sponsor companies, participating players, JBA’s Education and Cultural Committee who oversaw the event, as well as volunteer and staff were honored and rewarded. In addition, it was explained that 100% of the proceeds from the Tournament (which is JBA’s sole fundraising event) will be donated to the USEJ (U.S. Educators to Japan), JEG (Japan Enrichment Grant), and other US-Japan Education related projects by JBA. Lastly, the President of JBA himself reflected on the day and praised this year’s tournament’s success.

Next up was the Consulate General of Japan, Deputy Consul Kazutoshi Hayashi, who expressed his gratitude to the stakeholders and explained the importance of strengthening further relations between Japan and the US from the standpoint of Deputy Consul. Deputy Consul Hayashi also mentioned the possibility of Los Angeles hosting the 2028 Olympics and the city’s increasing business activity, which will expand opportunities for JBA and Japanese companies in Los Angeles. A champagne toast was made to the sound of loud and excited cheers from the audience.

Afterwards, a buffet-style dinner began, and the opportunity to talk amongst each other continued for a while. Meanwhile, a video made by Mr. Aaron Jetzer of Culverdale Elementary School in Irvine was screened. Mr. Jetzer was a participant of the USEJ Program and visited Japan this year.

Next, the winners of the prizes (Boobie Prize, Closest Pin Prize, Longest Drive Prize, Best Gross Prize, etc) were announced. Cheers and applause rose each time a winner was announced. After that, the top five of the individual rounds were announced.

A raffle was held after the tournament results. Players who won extravagant prizes from sponsor companies were delighted.

Finally, Education and Cultural Committee Chair Hideaki Amasaki took the stage. While commending the work of the volunteers and staff, he stated, “This year, we raised $109,553, despite the increases in expenses. We will make effective use of this money by investing in educational business such as USEJ, JEG, and others, and will continue to use it without waste so we can continue to increase fans of Japan and Japanese culture. Thank you very much.” With loud and resounding cheers and applause, the 2017 Charity Golf Tournament was successfully concluded.

Education and Cultural Committee members and volunteers