Membership Service

JBA offers its members various social opportunities and other services, including business seminars, cultural and sport activities and networking events. JBA also plans and organize volunteer activities for local communities and fundraising

Regional Committees

JBA holds three regional committees covering Downtown LA, South Bay, and Orange County that provide services according to the specific needs of members who are registered within each region.

Source of Information

JBA seeks to assist its members with their business and life in the U.S. Monthly newsletters and an annual membership directory are published exclusively for members. In addition, the JBA website provides a membership directory and a schedule of events.

Member Support Provided by JBA

JBA regularly holds business seminars and educational programs. In addition, members may also attend over 50 events and tours such as mixers, sports and cultural events, picnics and workshops held each year, including the New Year’s Party and JBA Softball Tournament.